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Louis Cameron | Severe, High, Elevated, Guarded, Low

September 9 - October 7, 2006


press release:

Opening Reception: September 09, 6:30 - 8:30pm

It has been five years since the attacks of 9/11. These attacks have deeply affected the residents of Washington D.C., New York and the rest of the nation, shattering our sense of security. This has catalyzed the United States to take actions that have resonated throughout the world. This project, composed of a suite of abstract (history) paintings and one video marks specific events and the tone towards America from within and without since 9/11.

Louis Cameron’s past work dealt with color and how it is codified within consumer culture. Now he broadens his exploration of color into the socio-political sphere. Four of the six paintings are based on military ribbons, the small horizontal striped panels that are worn on service persons’ uniforms. They embody the US response to 9/11 such as the Afghanistan Campaign, Iraq Campaign, and the Global War on Terrorism. The “We the People SAY NO to the Bush Agenda” protest banner designed by Artists Against the War in New York is the source for the painting that represents the national protest against the war in Iraq. The final painting is based on the Homeland Security Advisory System chart.
The video is an animation of pictures culled from the internet of the American flag. The disparate image sequence presents the American flag in moments of glory, mourning and protest.

Although Cameron’s works described above evoke the turbulent present they have a relationship to the past in formalist paintings of Gene Davis and Ellsworth Kelly. Cameron’s hand is not evident with obvious brushwork, in line with Davis and Kelly. However, Cameron deviates from these artists in making paintings that are often composed of more that a dozen layers of paint and sanded to a dense eggshell-like perfection.


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