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John Beech | Project Space

September 9 - October 7, 2006


press release:

Opening Reception: September 09, 6:30 - 8:30pm

Beech is fascinated with the neglected, utilitarian objects that occupy our shared spaces.  His art is diametric, exploring presence and absence, volume and flatness, use and uselessness, the focus and the ignored.

His Dumpster Drawings begin with black and white photographs of dumpsters.  Inspired by the often excessive and inattentive painting of these objects in reality, his paint drips and coats the photos, obscuring the subject.  The dumpster remains barely recognizable, flattened into an art form.  Although the image of a dumpster doesn’t necessarily hold importance in our minds, we are still able to recognize the form because of its permeating existence in our urban landscape.

Beech calls himself an “everyday reductionist” and says that he is interested in “fusing the visual vocabulary of utility and abstract art.”  Harnessing these hulk-like structures, removing their mass and utility he transforms an urban beast into a wholly novel and unexpected beauty.


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