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November 17 - January 5, 2013


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Opening Reception: November 17, 6:30 - 8:30pm




November 17, 2012 – January 5, 2013

G fine Art has the opportunity to exhibit one piece each from Graham Caldwell, Linn Meyers
and Marilyn Mahoney. Each of the works is ambitious in concept and execution to the point
where they are ‘known’ yet unfamiliar. All three artists have opportunities for public and private
commissions that allow for expansion and experimentation. The expectations, techniques and
scale move them into unfamiliar ground

GRAHAM CALDWELL’s Before After, 2011 is a sculpture formed by unchecked growth,
resembling medieval and si fi, architecture and unrestrained replicating cells. An apparent whole
comes off as annihilated and then rebuilt in a seemingly extemporaneous theatrical act. The
shattered pieces underscore the fragility of the glass. Due to the abundance of fragmented views
and harsh edges, the complexity of seeing, or more correctly, perceiving, becomes an end in

LINN MEYERS’s Untitled 2010,commissioned by private collectors, who have generously
allowed the gallery to share this with the broader public. The matrix for this piece is based on
a honeycomb in a broader collection of art and of organic elements /artifacts. The location is a
commanding stairwell, a site with multiple sightlines. The drawing a fundamental accretion of
lines, rhythmic and repetitive, responds to the architecture, laying a foundation and growing to the
uppermost level. The nature of the gradual buildup of organic matter parallels the accumulation
of lines each independent and yet determined by its predecessor. Meyers is ‘in the present’
making each line, and unfathomable task, a counterpart to the organic process.

MARILYN MAHONEY’s work is also composed of shattered, moving architectural, and structural
fragments , examining perspective, the space frame made by architecture, dance and cinema.
The work is precise, lyrical and shot through with choreography. The forms float and are
seemingly changeable and unpredictable. Cinematic sums it up - we experience stability,
instability, close-ups and long shots, it is all about becoming.

Gallery Hours during this show are unusual. We are closed Thanksgiving weekend, November
22-24, and again during the week of Art Basel December 4-8. Otherwise we expect to be in the
gallery. Kindly call to be certain. 202 462 1601


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