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Ledelle Moe | Congregation

May 6 - June 17, 2006


press release:

Opening Reception: May 06, 6:30 - 8:30pm

G Fine Art is pleased to present a show in the project room by Ledelle Moe, titled Congregation. 

Ledelle Moe’s work is overwhelming. Hundreds of small sculptural portraits speckle the walls of the gallery. They seem ancient and decayed, like they have been transplanted from a completely other world, like they should be displayed in a natural history museum. We wonder their age and origin, and we look for information. But we are offered nothing except the word Congregation, the acknowledgement of a gathering. this is a gathering of unique yet anonymous faces, each one specifically different and still remaining part of the whole.

Moe has crafted this illusionistic experience for us. Hand carving damp concrete in her studio, she carefully mimicks the decrepit quality of the artifact. What does it mean for an artist now to create these seeming ancient sculptures. Is something or someone missing from our current artifacts?

Moe’s portraits are about memory and loss, permanence and impermanence, strength and vulnerability. They confront our contemporary loss of life and artifact. Her work refers to conflict around the world where cultural iconic symbols are destroyed or plundered while the faces of the living are lost. At the same time she engages with her own personal past, growing up in conflict-ridden South Africa. Moe describes her work as a continual reinterpretation of past experiences via memory and imagination.

Consistent with her previous work, colossal sculptures made of cast concrete and steel, these smaller portraits continue her investigation into the monumental often associated with memorials, but this time in the realm of overwhelming numbers.


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