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José Ruiz | Descendents of Ascension

June 2 - July 7, 2007


press release:

Opening Reception: June 02, 6:30 - 8:30pm

Ruiz continues to be guided by his interest in maintaining a visual conversation with the social issues that he describes as "out of his control." Each investigation, materialized through a wide variety of mediums and formal processes, inherently resurfaces his ongoing focus on identity, visibility, authorship, and labor.

The title, Descendents of Ascension, is an allusion to the American Dream: those who make up the US are the product of those who immigrated in hopes for a better future, and the spiritual meaning as it refers to the Mayan, Aztec, and Incan cultures. Many of the objects carry this double meaning, described often with the consistent transformation theme.

Among the many works in the show are a sci-fi video piece, depicting immigrants charging across the border, photos of the artist himself awaiting work with day laborers, and a series of A-frame ladders made out of drywall that reference the residue of labor as metaphorical symbols of ascent and descent in social class, society and spirituality. Also included is a series of emblems, the official Descendents of Ascension flag to represent this specific territory in the public realm and in the gallery and hanging above the installation, and decals of a patriotic airbrushed eagle in a "preying" position, partially painted over, resulting in a set of wings ascending rather then descending.

Ruiz is a curator at the Bronx River Art Center in the Bronx, NY. He is the Artist-in-Residence, for the workspace program at the Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning, Queens, NY and he will be included in the upcoming show, The (S) Files: El Museo del Barrio's Bienal, El Museo del Barrio, New York, NY. Curator: Elvis Fuentes, July 2007 ­ January 2008.



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