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Vesna Pavlovic | Display, Desire

June 2 - July 7, 2007


press release:

Opening Reception: June 02, 6:30 - 8:30pm

Walking through a staged house feels like walking through a catalog. You either desire it or not.

In the new work, Pavlovic explores the idea of the staged, performance and desire, projection and participation. Using display homes as a subject, she presents her exploration of images of display and the display of images. Pavlovic projects black and white transparencies of these staged homes, through sheets of colored Plexiglas, creating a set of different viewing conditions for experiencing the work. She uses the image, its surface and physical properties to establish a heightened atmosphere for participation, where time also becomes integral to observing the transformation and destabilization of the image.

Pavlovic uses an extensive array of photographic display materials; also showing five black and white photographs from the Show Homes series and six color photographs from the Six Color Transparencies series.

Pavlovic has a degree in cinematography from The Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. She has shown in Europe and in the US. She recently graduated from the MFA program at the Columbia University and has published several books, the most recent Office Taste co-authored with Casey Smith in 2005 and The Book Project in 2004.



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