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Graham Caldwell | Light Field View

February 28 - April 4, 2009


press release:

Opening Reception: February 28, 6:30 - 8:30pm

G Fine Art is delighted to be hosting Graham Caldwell’s second solo show in the gallery Light Field View.

Since 2001, Caldwell has shared with us the alchemy of glass.   He preserves in the final state the wonder of a glowing liquid becoming form.   It is a spectacularly complex and potentially dangerous process that he pulls off with deceptive simplicity.

The sensation in the main gallery is one that is bristling with the baroque diversity of biological forms:  the installation activates every wall surface with nearly feral forms that have mutated and multiplied all the while maintaining evident beauty.   The show reminds us in particular of Caldwell’s connection to sculptors such as Eva Hesse in his investigation of material, process and form.   The articulation and logistics of these works is exceptionally refined, compared even to the pieces that the artist produced two years ago.  Caldwell has a sculptor’s interest and fascination with mounts both seen and invisible in museum displays and has a full repetoire at this service here.

Nestled in the Project Room are smaller pieces composed of roughly handled materials.  The expected fine finish is missing.   The glass elements are less the subject/object and the sculptural handling is of primary concern. 

Caldwell’s work has a biologic essence, and as with all organic systems they have evolved in articulation, density and specificity. These pieces are both familiar and alien, full of grace and potential disaster.


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